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Resources Reinforces Its Long-Standing Stance Against MFAs in Its Exchange

20 September, 2023
3 min read Reinforces Its Long-Standing Stance Against MFAs in Its Exchange

At, our commitment has always been to prioritize quality over quantity. In line with this commitment, we are further enhancing the quality of our exchange by removing “Made for Advertising” (MFA) websites across all private marketplaces and curated deals for our advertisers.

Our continued success in delivering results for advertisers in a healthy ecosystem is a function of strict processes and operations of our Network Quality team. At a regular cadence, our teams deploy stringent controls and measures to ensure that advertisers' interests are aligned with the right content on the open web.

Our Network Quality team's efforts, in conjunction with an industry-leading partnership in supply-path optimization with Jounce Media, allows for advertisers to buy with confidence on our deals and ensure they are aligned with brand-safe and high-performing content. As definitions for MFAs have become clearer and more standardized, we're raising our standards even further.

Our decision stems from our core mission: To optimize performance and deliver sustainable value to advertisers and publishers. This is further bolstered by our stringent internal controls and the unwavering dedication of our network quality and compliance teams.

Why MFAs are a Concern

The ANA recently revealed that $20 billion of all ad spend is won by MFA websites, which are primarily created for ad arbitrage. They drive traffic through search engines and social media, aiming to profit from selling ad space at a higher rate than their acquisition costs. These sites often employ tactics like filler content, clickbait headlines, networks of interlinked websites, multi-page articles, and pixel stuffing. Their primary goal is to maximize ad impressions, often at the expense of content quality and user experience. This not only compromises ad effectiveness, but also poses a risk to brand perception in the programmatic advertising landscape.

The Benefits of Removing MFAs from the Exchange

The Removal of MFAs offers numerous advantages:

  • Media Quality: We continue to ensure that only genuine, high-quality websites are part of our exchange, assuring advertisers are aligned with content that truly engages their target audience.
  • Performance: High-quality media invariably leads to better outcomes. Ads placed on genuine sites are more likely to be viewed by the intended audience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Sustainability: Reducing any potential waste in our exchange directly translates to a reduction in carbon emissions. By removing MFAs, we're not only enhancing the quality of our exchange but also contributing to a more sustainable digital advertising ecosystem.

Our Pledge to Quality

Our exchange was built with a foundational focus on quality. We've staunchly rejected a 'scale at all costs' approach. Each publisher and inventory source is subjected to thorough human auditing before they can access our exchange. This rigorous process is complemented by machine learning, ensuring perpetual optimization and maintenance of our inventory quality. We also uphold strict terms of service, promptly addressing and penalizing any violators.

Chris Kane, Founder of Jounce Media, says, " exemplifies best practices and a commitment to quality. Their dedication to media quality is both praiseworthy and crucial. Collaborations with exchanges like are essential for advertisers seeking to invest with assurance and clarity."

For more information on our approach to MFAs and our exchange, email